kiko amore

Costume Designer for MARKIM Creations


Many of you know me from Ebay, and some of you from referrals..

....I am a costume designer specializing in Celebrity Reproductions, Costuming, Impersonators, Pageant Gowns, and Formal wear,

Most of my customers are repeat buyers,

 some with me for over a decade.... which I am very proud of..

My client list spans the globe,

 from the USofA, throughout Europe and even as far as Australia and Iceland.

I have proven pageant Winners as well as Best State Costume and Creative walks.

My Celebrity Reproductions have gotten worldwide acclaim and have been worn by some of the premier impersonators on the globe.

My designs have been featured in Fashion Shows, Commercials, Movies as well as Show stopping productions.


Please take a look around and feel free to contact me anytime with questions or orders...

If you are a returning Client, you know how I work..

...If your new, Cant wait to work with you!!!


Contact me anytime..

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